What Nora’s Playhouse Did This Summer: Julie Kling

In the nine week interval between our July and September gatherings of The Nora Salon, the Nora’s team has been busy! Here’s what some of our members were up to over the summer break:

Nora’s Playhouse Artistic Associate Julie Kling spent the summer combining her background in college admissions with her feminist values to launch Global Girls Prep – a new education company that takes an empowering, women-centered approach to college admissions counseling and college tours. She attended two wonderful conferences- one for college admissions professionals at Case Western Reserve University where she met the incredible Shabana Basij-Rasikh – a pioneer in women’s education and founder of SOLA– the first boarding school for girls in Afghanistan. She also went to Feminist Camp (!) in NYC – a wonderful program that helps young professionals explore feminism beyond theory. The group met with a range of organizations throughout NYC dedicated to reproductive justice, civic journalism, and of course, women in the arts!

Julie + Jane Addams (the ‘mother’ of Social Work and first American woman awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.) Swarthmore College was kind enough to let Julie and her students explore the archives of their Peace Collection during a recent college tour!

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