The Nora Salon + Salon South

The Nora Salon (TNS), Nora’s Playhouse’s monthly reading series, is an opportunity for emerging women playwrights from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to hear their work read aloud in a cozy, casual setting. TNS is also an informal gathering of artists and Nora’s supporters who want an inside look at how plays get from page to stage and the opportunity to participate in the development process. Since formally launching in January 2017, we are off to a roaring start with every TNS to-date being filled to maximum capacity.

In October 2018, we introduced Nora’s Salon South, our successful NYC reading series brought to Montgomery, Alabama. Like TNS, Salon South is devoted to supporting and promoting the work of emerging women playwrights from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, this time with a special focus on those women living and writing in the Southeastern United States. Salon South will also occasionally feature readings of pieces by established women playwrights in the hopes of introducing some important yet under-produced pieces to new audiences.

Past Salons:

January 2017: Christine Farrell’s full length play Our Half of the Sky

February 2017: Sheyenne Javonne Brown’s full length play Summoned

April 2017: Elizabeth Curtis’s one-act play The Quiet Voice

June 2017: an excerpt from Catherine Castellani’s two-act play 2Y20M

July 2017: Olivia Z. Cote’s full length play Final Flight

September 2017: Lia Romeo’s full length play A Perfect Fit

October 2017: four short pieces written as a part of  The Nora Project

November 2017: Pauline David-Sax’s full length play  Exposure

January 2018: Julie Kling’s sitcom pilot B-Town

February 2018: Elaine Insinnia’s full length play Vincie

March 2018: Carey Crim’s full length play Never Not Once

April 2018: Suzanne Trauths’s full length play La Fonda

May 2018: Lauren D’Errico’s one-act play all of the littlest things

June 2018: Eve Lederman’s full length play The Unthinkable

September 2018: excerpts from Karen and Kacie Devaney’s two-act play The Great Forgotten

October 2018: Nora’s Salon South debuts with Martha Pichey’s full length play Ashes & Ink

November 2018: Phoebe Farber’s full length play Wish Bone

January 2019: Deborah Yarchun’s full length play Great White

February 2019, Salon South: Suzanne Trauth’s full length play Rehearsing Desire

March 2019: Donna Kaz’s full length play with music Waiting

April 2019, Salon South: Pauline David-Sax’s full length play Exposure

May 2019: Erin Mallon’s full length play Skin Hungry

June 2019, Salon South: a double feature showcasing two short pieces developed through The Nora Project: Lil Susan Samuel’s Redtop Road Requiem + Lil Martin’s In the Midst of the Storm