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Our next (very special) gathering of The Nora Salon is October 2nd!

The next gathering of our monthly reading series, The Nora Salon, is Monday, October 2nd.
We hope you’ll join us for a glass of wine, friendly conversation, and
informal readings of four short plays written as part of The Nora Project!

For the October gathering of The Nora Salon, we’re mixing it up a bit and bringing together two great Nora’s programs that, we think, go great together. We’ll be featuring four short plays written as part of The Nora Project: Women Write, Nora’s educational program based in Montgomery, Alabama. Last fall, The Nora Project brought together teenage girls and elder women to share their life stories and write short plays inspired by what they heard.  We’re excited to share the following pieces by these first-time playwrights:
The Glass Coffin by Susie Paul (elder),
A 21st Century Love Story by Charity Glover (teen),
How Gran Just About Ruined My Life Trying To Get Me Into College by Susan Samuel (elder), and
Turmoil by Kayla Suttles (teen).
We’ll be joined by our two featured elder women playwrights, Susie Paul and Susan Samuel, as well as Nora’s Artistic Director and the facilitator of The Nora Project, Caroline Reddick Lawson.


The Nora Salon featuring The Nora Project
Monday, October 2nd at 7pm
273 Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights
hosted by Kathleen Chalfant

Please email us at to add your name to the guest list.  You’ll receive the exact address in a separate email when your reservation is confirmed.

Suggested donation: $10

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