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Nora’s Salon South: “They Must be Women Now!” is February 12th!

Our next gathering of Nora’s Salon South in Montgomery, Alabama is February 12th! We hope you’ll join us for a glass of wine, friendly conversation, and informal reading of They Must be Women Now! by Nedra Pezold Roberts (Wash, Dry, Fold).

Nora’s Salon South: They Must Be Women Now!
by Nedra Pezold Roberts
directed by Jacqueline Trimble

Monday, February 12th at 7pm
at The NewSouth Bookstore (105 S Court Street)
in Downtown Montgomery, AL

They must be women now. A forceful command and an ominous threat. Why do women have to be confined in order to learn their place in society? And how many kinds of prisons have they endured over the ages? Social, economic, religious, political restraints—to name only a few—have restricted women’s growth and empowerment, but toward what end? In a contemporary genesis of Euripides’ Antigone, a family of Southern women struggle to discern what needs to be buried, to understand the difference between the impulse to hide from pain and the strength to lay that pain to rest. These women are shaped by their time, their culture, and their individual journeys. It is their job and their lot to discover themselves—and become women now.


SPACE IS LIMITED. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Please email us at with the subject “RSVP for 2/12 Salon South” to add your name to the guest list.

Suggested donation: $10

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