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November 21 – December 13, 2015

“We rose above everyone and everything, and for a moment the sky was full of brilliant light. And then one after another we fell. And when I look up now I see no stars. I see no light. I see a sky full of darkness. But I do not look into that blackness. I look at what once was. And what forever more will be remembered.”
-Rose Kennedy in ROSE

Theatre: The Clurman Theatre, Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street, NYC)
First Preview: Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 8pm
Opening: Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 7pm
Closing: Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 3pm

Rose is the Kennedy story as told by the matriarch who lived it all. Best selling author Laurence Leamer’s (The Kennedy Women, The Kennedy Men, Sons of Camelot) intimate, one-character drama stars Tony Award ® nominee Kathleen Chalfant as Rose Kennedy. Set in 1969 at the Kennedy’s Hyannis Port compound the week after Teddy’s fateful accident at Chappaquiddick, Rose struggles with all the tragedies the Kennedys have overcome and finds new understanding of the choices she made as well as those made by her husband and children. Inspired by audio recordings Rose Kennedy made, Rose takes the audience on a fascinating and unexpected journey with someone we think we know.


Kathleen Chalfant

Creative Team:

Written by Laurence Leamer
Directed by Caroline Reddick Lawson
Sets and Projections by Anya Klepikov
Costumes by Jane Greenwood
Lighting by Caitlin Rapoport
Sound by Jane Shaw

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A Special Thanks to Those Who Supported ROSE on Indiegogo:

Craig M. Bachove, Louise H. Beard, Carolyn Branch, Stephen Brickley, Amy Brown, Cathy Burke, Partha Chowdhury, Dawn Casale, Courtney & Russell Cohen, Olivia Cooley, Elmore DeMott, Paul Donkontt & Cheryl Caldwell, Emily Doubliet,Paul Engle, Kellie Fitzgerald, Sharon Friedman, Michael Fister, Cynthia & Mike Gibbons, Mandy Goldberg, Marty Gottlieb, Amy & Steve Green-Gorelick, Avis Gunter, Lauren & Herschel Hamner, Sam Haubold, Gregory T. Hinton, Alex & Charlene Holtsford, Bob Ickes, Liliana Isella, Richard Jensen, Leisa Johnson, Irene Karp, Alexis Kern, Eileen Knott, Donald Kreindler, Lucie Lee Lanoux, Rose Lawson & David Knudson, Bob & Mary Frances Leamer, Christina Leamer, Edward Leamer, Daniela Mantilla, Lil Martin, Mike McGrath, Charles & Catherine McLemore, Martin Miller, Margaret Miroschnik, Susan Nernberg, Jan O’Connor, Amy Lovett Oos, Katie Sloan Palagi, Dede & Bruce Pickering, Matthew Porter, Charles H. Potter Jr., Celia Reddick, Dick Riley, Helen & Rob Richard, Lynne Rosenberg, Ann Bronston Sams, Susan Kiss Russo, Robin Scheuer, Alisa Schierman, James Seymore, Joanna Soria, Butch Speed, Francina Stewart, Amy Stone, Franklin Stone & David Wenk, Bridget Taylor, Gwen & Al Thibault, Renato M. Tichauer, Suzanne Trauth, Joseph & Jackie Trimble, Willette Vaughan, Lemore Vickrey, Lee Wade, David Weisbrod, and Joe Weisburd

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