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The Nora Salon: “Never Not Once” is March 23rd!

The next gathering of our monthly reading series, The Nora Salon, is Friday, March 23rd. We hope you’ll join us for a glass of wine, friendly conversation, and an informal reading of Carey Crim’s play: Never Not Once.

Eleanor, a biology major at Princeton, brings her boyfriend Rob home to meet her two (not perfect but still pretty excellent moms). While there, she lets them know that she has hired a private investigator to help her find her biological father. She says, as a scientist, she is curious about her genetics. But it’s evident she might also just want to meet her dad. Nadine, her non-biological mom thinks it’s a great idea, partly because she had a deep and wonderful relationship with her own father. Allison, Eleanor’s biological mom is less enthusiastic, insisting that Eleanor’s father, a one night stand in college whose name Allison doesn’t remember, never even knew she existed. Nadine secretly gives Allison the name Doug. This information sends Eleanor on a journey to an unexpected and explosive answer to the question “Where do I come from?” The fallout and complications from this revelation force the whole family–and Doug–to confront the past in order to have any hope of moving on to a better future.


The Nora Salon: Never Not Once
Friday, March 23rd at 7pm
West 9th Street and Sixth Avenue, West Village, NYC

hosted by Eugene Lefkowitz

This gathering of The Nora Salon is currently FULL.
Please email us at to add your name to the wait list. We will contact you should a spot become available.

Suggested donation: $10

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