Salon South

Nora’s Salon South is back with “Françoise” on April 28th!

Our next gathering of Nora’s Salon South in Montgomery, Alabama is Friday, April 28th! We hope you’ll join us for a glass of wine, friendly conversation, and an informal reading of Françoise by friend of Nora’s, Suzanne Trauth (Rehearsing Desire, La Fonda).

Françoise (Christina Toth) and Christian (Timothy Sekk) in Nora’s Playhouse’s February 2015 reading of Françoise at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Françoise Bollinger is eighty and ill. Confronted with her mortality, she is frightened to die with a terrible sin on her conscience. While grappling with her past to find forgiveness for her actions, she relives the summer of 1944 in Nice, France. Françoise remembers studying dance with one of Isadora Duncan’s protégées; falling in love with Christian, a young German soldier, sharing his passion for the poetry of Rilke and sharing her passion for dance. Now sixty years later, as she faces the end of her life, Françoise conjures up Christian, Isadora Duncan, and a younger version of herself, struggling to navigate between the two worlds of past and present. A compassionate doctor and troubled granddaughter are her only companions as she searches for the redemption she needs before dying.


Nora’s Salon South: Françoise
Friday, April 28th at 7pm
in Cloverdale, Montgomery, AL
hosted by Caroline Reddick Lawson

Please email us at with the subject “RSVP for 4/28 Salon South” to add your name to the guest list. You will receive the exact street address when your reservation is confirmed.

Suggested donation: $10

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