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The Nora Tasting Salon: all of the littlest things is May 18th!

Co-hosted by Simple Brewing Company and Nora’s Playhouse, the next gathering of The Nora Salon is Friday, May 18, and features a beer tasting.

Join us as we drink beer, engage in friendly conversation, give insightful feedback, and enjoy an informal reading of Lauren D’Errico’s one-act play:

all of the littlest things.

June had a strange relationship with a high school teacher that she doesn’t quite understand — and even years later, the cubicle of her mind dedicated to figuring that experience out is cluttered with the paperwork. Surrounded by these pages, manifestations of June from Then and Now work to make order amidst the endless piles of thoughts, confusion, and grief.


The Nora Tasting Salon: all of the littlest things
Friday, May 18th at 7pm
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NYC
hosted by Emily J. Richard
(co-founder of both Nora’s and Simple)


Please email us at to add your name to the list. You’ll receive the exact address in a separate email when your reservation is confirmed.

If the weather is nice, we may be able to enjoy our beverages in the backyard!

Suggested donation: $10
($15 with beer pairing)

Past Events Staged Readings

Photos from the reading of WASH, DRY, FOLD by Nedra Pezold Roberts

Thank you for everyone who made it to our special reading in Montgomery, AL on May 8, 2015! Special Thanks to Huntingdon College for being such great hosts!

Check out our photos on Facebook:

Past Events Staged Readings

You’re Invited to a Reading of WASH, DRY, FOLD in Montgomery!

Nora’s Playhouse presents a stage reading of…

By Nedra Pezold Roberts
Directed by Caroline Reddick Lawson

Friday, May 8, 2015


Sisters Trudy and Enola have been bickering all their adult lives over differences in religion, lifestyle, and childhood resentments. Now they’re stuck with each other running Grace’s Place, the run-down New Orleans laundromat they inherited from their mother. Uncle Slackjaw, a Vietnam P.O.W., slips in and out of reality as often as he wanders in and out of the laundromat. The bank has turned them down for a loan; the cops are after Uncle Slack. The arrival in town of Arlene, a 28 year-old, over-qualified tattoo artist, brings the possibility of change. Might she be the catalyst for resolution, reconciliation, or even redemption?

Angela Dickson as Trudy
Sarah Spratling as Enola
Carl Palmer as Uncle Slack
Rebecca Lovett as Arlene
Scott Page as Mick Mahoney

Amy S. Green reading Stage Directions

Hosted by:
Huntingdon College
Leo J. Drum Theatre
1125 East Fairview Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36106

Admission is FREE, but seating is limited. Please RSVP:

(Suggested donation of $10 to go towards further Nora’s Playhouse programming.)