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Salon South featuring Annie Ramsey’s “From Warren to Lair and Back” is January 6th!

Our next gathering of Salon South is Monday, January 6th! We hope you’ll join us in Montgomery, Alabama for a glass of wine, friendly conversation, and an informal reading of Annie Ramsey’s play, From Warren to Lair and Back.

Montgomery’s own Annie Ramsey will be on hand for the reading and the talkback that follows!

On the edge of a fairytale-esque world sits the village of Warren, an old place permitted to exist on the whims of an ancient horror on the promise of their participation in a grizzly ritual. Four children must make their way to the far off village of Lair, and one is not to return unchanged. It now falls to their fellow villagers, and the audience members, to suss out the events of a single night in the woods.


Nora’s Salon South: From Warren to Lair and Back
Monday, January 6th at 7pm
461 South Court Street, Montgomery, AL
hosted by Mission House

Email with the subject “RSVP for Salon South: From Warren to Lair and Back on 1/6” to add your name to the guest list.

Suggested donation: $10

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