Nora Salon Salon South

Our next gathering of Nora’s Salon South is on August 29th!

Our next gathering of Nora’s Salon South in Montgomery, Alabama is August 29th! We hope you’ll join us for a glass of wine, friendly conversation, and informal readings of two one-act plays: Uncovered by Laura King and She Started With a Beetle by friend of Nora’s Martha Pichey (Ashes & Ink).

Nora’s Salon South:
Uncovered + She Started with a Beetle
Tuesday, August 29th at 7pm
in Cloverdale, Montgomery, AL

Uncovered by Laura King

At their monthly book club meetings, a group of women come together to share their connections with classic literature. As the women share their favorite books, they begin to see what they have not only lost but also found during their lifetimes. But most of all, they learn that the strength and spirit of a community of women can lift you up when you are closest to the ground.

She Started With a Beetle by Martha Pichey

After a slew of failed relationships, Ashley seeks help from Animal Wisdom, a company that helps people learn relationship skills with unconventional animal/human pairings. Through hilarious pairings with beetles, octopi, and albatrosses, Ashley and other clients attempt to improve their intimacy issues and find lasting love.


SPACE IS LIMITED. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.Please email us at with the subject “RSVP for 8/29 Salon South” to add your name to the guest list. You will receive the exact street address when your reservation is confirmed.

Suggested donation: $10

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