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Announcing our 2018 Season!

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All of us here at Nora’s Playhouse are thrilled to announce that we will be bringing two great plays to the stage in 2018!  First up, in collaboration with Montgomery, Alabama’s Cloverdale Playhouse, it’s the proto-feminist classic from which Nora’s Playhouse got its name, Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.  Then, this summer in NYC, we’ll be debuting whatdoesfreemean?, the latest work by award-winning human rights playwright Catherine Filloux.  Keep scrolling for more details about both shows.

Cloverdale Playhouse, in collaboration with Nora’s Playhouse, presents


A Doll’s House

by Henrik Ibsen
a new version by Frank McGuinness
directed by Caroline Reddick Lawson

February 8 – 18, 2018

in Montgomery, AL
at The Elizabeth Crump Theatre,
Cloverdale Playhouse

Nora, vibrant housewife and mother of three, appears to enjoy living the life of a pampered, indulged child. Nonetheless, she suffers from a crippling dependency on her husband. Nora’s acceptance of the status quo is put under a microscope and the illusions behind her marriage are exposed. Henrik Ibsen’s classic work examines fundamental inequalities surrounding gender roles, power, independence and money. In a time in our society where women still fight for equality and a voice, this classic work illuminates that as women and as humans, our choices are rarely easy and often come at great cost, and makes us examine which choices are worth it.

Nora’s Playhouse, in association with John Jay College of Criminal Justice, presents



a new play by Catherine Filloux
directed by Amy S. Green

July 13 – 28, 2018

in New York, NY
at The Black Box Theatre,
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Mass incarceration is an acknowledged crisis in the United States. More than 205,000 women are incarcerated in America today. Most of them are mothers, and many of them are first-time offenders. But the statistics don’t capture the enormity of the impact mass incarceration has on women, and popular culture depictions of incarcerated women still tend toward the sensational and melodramatic. whatdoesfreemean?, by award-winning playwright Catherine Filloux, deconstructs female incarceration through a nonlinear drama about one woman’s harrowing experience, tracing its main character Mary’s labyrinthine odyssey from general population to segregated housing, to parole, as she tries keep her sanity in the face of loneliness, indifference, human cruelty, and loss.  This imaginative and poetic new piece moves the conversation past the statistics and stereotypes to examine the nature of freedom and solitude and what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

The Nora Salon: Exposure is November 3rd!

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The next gathering of our monthly reading series, The Nora Salon, is Friday, November 3rd.
We hope you’ll join us for a glass of wine, friendly conversation,
and an informal reading of Pauline David-Sax’s play: Exposure.


In the early 1920s, loyalties are tested and secrets exposed as two women struggle to define themselves. Georgia gained notoriety as the subject of husband Alfred’s photographs and now fights to be taken seriously as a painter in her own right. Beck endures a lackluster job while waiting for her husband, aspiring photographer Paul, to achieve the financial success necessary to support a family. When Alfred and Georgia invite Beck and Paul to their lake house for a visit, Paul sees the trip as a chance to convince Alfred, now a successful gallery owner, to showcase his latest work, but Alfred is preoccupied with his own artistic pursuits. Beck attempts to advocate for Paul with both Alfred and Georgia, not realizing that her interference has the potential to undermine both Georgia’s career and her own marriage.

Loosely based on the lives of real life artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, and Rebecca Strand, Exposure explores the complexities of gender, creativity, success, and loyalty.


The Nora Salon: Exposure
Friday, November 3rd at 7pm
The Winston Churchill, 2500 Johnson Avenue, Riverdale, Bronx
hosted by Ettie Ward

November’s Salon is currently FULL.
Please email us at to add your name to the wait list.

Suggested donation: $10


Our next (very special) gathering of The Nora Salon is October 2nd!

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The next gathering of our monthly reading series, The Nora Salon, is Monday, October 2nd.
We hope you’ll join us for a glass of wine, friendly conversation, and
informal readings of four short plays written as part of The Nora Project!

For the October gathering of The Nora Salon, we’re mixing it up a bit and bringing together two great Nora’s programs that, we think, go great together. We’ll be featuring four short plays written as part of The Nora Project: Women Write, Nora’s educational program based in Montgomery, Alabama. Last fall, The Nora Project brought together teenage girls and elder women to share their life stories and write short plays inspired by what they heard.  We’re excited to share the following pieces by these first-time playwrights:
The Glass Coffin by Susie Paul (elder),
A 21st Century Love Story by Charity Glover (teen),
How Gran Just About Ruined My Life Trying To Get Me Into College by Susan Samuel (elder), and
Turmoil by Kayla Suttles (teen).
We’ll be joined by our two featured elder women playwrights, Susie Paul and Susan Samuel, as well as Nora’s Artistic Director and the facilitator of The Nora Project, Caroline Reddick Lawson.


The Nora Salon featuring The Nora Project
Monday, October 2nd at 7pm
273 Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights
hosted by Kathleen Chalfant

Please email us at to add your name to the guest list.  You’ll receive the exact address in a separate email when your reservation is confirmed.

Suggested donation: $10